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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Toronto Apartment

Whether you live in a penthouse or a fixer-upper, your best investment begins with good quality furniture. You will likely attach some of your fondest memories to the furniture you choose, so take some time with this decision and consider investing in good quality, handcrafted, locally made furniture. After all, no matter where you move, your furniture will travel with you, even if you're climbing the corporate ladder – so you want to get it right the first time!

You can always tell when someone has made poor choices in furnishings: they don’t bother taking it with them when they move; they have a yard sale to unload it at the last minute; and they hesitate having guests over. All of that money they spent on low quality furniture is wasted, because they don't feel the pieces are worth keeping, and no one wants their crusty used furniture because, well, there’s nothing particularly unique about it. If they had simply sourced out designer pieces, they wouldn’t be in this conundrum.

Custom-built handcrafted wood furniture never goes out of style, and will always remain in the family as a cherished heirloom. Consider simply purchasing a custom made coffee table, for example – a small, elegant addition to an apartment’s living room. If you want that unique signature piece of furniture that makes your place memorable, solid wood is the answer, as this high-end, aesthetically pleasing material has the potential to convey character and create warm, nostalgic memories. Who knows, one day, your (eventual) family might be sitting by the fireplace, asking, "Isn't that uncle/auntie Your name’s antique coffee table?"

To really make the most out of your apartment space, look for furniture that will inject a lot of character, such as reclaimed wood, which can be made of anything; a bowling-alley floor, an old shipwreck, the unique furniture in a historic monument. Reclaimed wood is eco-friendly, and often gives your apartment that warm natural vibe that big box stores cannot provide. A lot of modern homes are trying to feature reclaimed wood in certain facets of the construction, but where an apartment is concerned, it’s best to display this material in small pieces of furniture, like a reclaimed wood coffee table or dining table.

We all have sentimental items of great quality and value that remind us of those special occasions with loved ones. By investing in long-lasting furniture, you’re also investing in future memories. For this reason, it is of paramount importance to source the most experienced craftsmen for your furniture – although it might seem like a big investment now, it will pay for itself in continual use.

These things are the most precious part of our lives. We love the holidays for that soft sentimental intimacy. We remember simpler times and when the world was free of stress and problems. We recall the love and joy we felt all around us. Make the most out of your Toronto apartment by filling it with high quality furniture that you will take with you wherever your life takes you.

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