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Get Your Plumbing Checked Ahead Of Your Canada Day Party!

Many homeowners learn the hard way that drain inspection, as well as the overall home plumbing, are necessary tasks to complete before finalizing dates for a party or an occasion at their homes. A plumbing catastrophe can occur without showing any direct signs – pipe leakage, overflowing toilets, and a loose faucet can culminate in an absolute disaster during an event.

On ordinary days these problems can perhaps hold through somewhat longer, but when guests arrive you should expect the scenario to be different. This is because not everyone is familiar with operating appliances, faucets and fixtures in your home, and can end up aggravating these existing problems. In such a scenario you’ll need to call an emergency repair service, which will no doubt be a hefty addition to your expenditure – something you could’ve forestalled with by pre-emptively calling plumbing services in Toronto to inspect your plumbing.

When you’re conducting an inspection, whether yourself or through a plumber, these are some important areas to pay attention to:

Toilet Repair

Examine the amount of water your toilet is releasing to the bowl. If more water is being released than necessary, it is a sign that the inner workings of the tank need to be examined. If you fail to notice or be bothered about it, you can turn this problem into a bigger one, which can increase your water bills significantly and may result in a toilet overflow.

Drain Inspection 

A properly functioning drain is your first line of defense against flooding. If your drain is neglected, you can inflict a number of problems, such as rainwater seeping through the roof, into the inner space of the ceiling, which can lead to having water-damaged walls and plasters. A clogged drain can also result in sewage lines backing up and releasing nasty odours into the air. Your bathing experience can be ruined with your tub not draining water properly. Water usually carries hair and dirt particles, as well as bacteria that can infect you severely and affect your overall health. 

Faucet Repair

A loosely functioning faucet can bring more harm than good. When faucets perform below the mark, it means they’re releasing more water than they should or are not properly blocking the flow of water when the tap is turned off. Plus, the drip-drip sound of a leaky faucet can be very frustrating, especially with guests around. Although many people don’t take faucet leaks seriously, they lead to higher water bills if left untreated. Not to mention, delaying faucet repairs is also harmful to the conservation of water

Regular inspection of drains, toilets and faucets is necessary in order to avoid the troubles discussed above. But what’s also important is knowing who to hire – a licensed, and trained plumber will perform to your fullest satisfaction ensuring the comfort of your home, keeping your water and energy bills from shooting up, preventing future damage and thoroughly applying fixtures that last longer. 

If you happen to live in the GTA, you'll be looking for a Toronto plumber. You can do a quick search for reputable plumbing services in the area. A plumbing company with extensive experience will know how to aptly deal with home-related problems. Its range of services will be vast including installation of home hardware: sinks and faucets, showers, tubs, water lines and much more. Don’t wait until Canada Day to find out you have a serious plumbing problem – get on it today!

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