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Road Trips from Toronto: Take a Weekend Break

There as some great weekend road tips you can take from Toronto.  Getting acheap car rentalif you do decide to take a road trip will reduce the wear and tear on your own vehicle to the following recommended destinations.

Explore Niagara Falls for a lifetime experience

After spending some time in Toronto, we went to visit Niagara Falls during day one of our stay in Canada.  While in Niagara Falls, we found out that tickets can be bought on the siteto certain tourist attractions, and are usually discounted, and by doing so you are going to save a lot of money.

Exploring Kingston and its Thousand Islands Bridge

The next weekend we left for Ottawa,and decided to take a detour through the picturesque Thousand Islands National Park. We then took a break for lunch in downtown Kingston.  After a fabulous lunch we took a stroll along a fabulous promenade along Lake Ontario and then visited a few of Kingston’s many shops and botiques.

Visiting Ottawa

Having arrived in Ottawa, we checked out De La Jacques Cartier National Park, where we ventured into a short but suggestive trek through the lush nature.

Ottawa is Canada’s capital which has a fabulous and walkable downtown area of many splendid restos and shopping in general.  Recommended places to explore in downtown Ottawa include the ByWard Market area, Rideau Centre, Sparks Street Mall, as well as Elgin and Bank Street areas.  And if you want to experience the nation’s capital French-speaking culture, why not explore Lower Town which is on the north side of Rideau Street and Vanier?  Across the Ottawa River you will find Gatineau which is home to most francophone’s in the nation’s capital and cultural attractions like the Museum of History.  We also found the Gatineau Park to be a spectacular place to visit for nature lovers like ourselves.  It offers also a great vista for an amazing view of the Ottawa Valley.

For our weekend road trips, we basically moved with the rental car, booked on HolidayAutos.com, site that offered us the best price and solution for our project. If you use CAA, make sure they provide you with updated maps because our ow was pretty useless and we had to use our mobile phone to find the roads. Enjoy!

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