What Does Amazon Need to do to Topple Traditional Retail? 6 Points to Consider

Amazon has been heralded for years as the perennial sort of “retail killer,” poised to top brick-and-mortar stores given its status as the king of online shopping. However, recent data shows that this often heralded future where Amazon reigns supreme may be further off than we thought. In fact, retail recently stocks reached a 52-week high in the case of big box brands like Costco, Ross an [...]

25 July 2018

Google, Lego named most reputable companies in Canada for 2018

According to a new survey from Reputation Institute, Google is considered the most reputable company amongst Canadians for 2018, holding the top spot from last year’s rankings. According to the report, based on the survey results of 27,000 Canadians, trust in business has fallen, whilst international companies operating in the country remain more trusted than their local counterpart [...]

25 May 2018

'Trademark squatting' hurts artists and small businesses and it's coming to Canada

If you come up with a clever name for your business, you'll probably want to trademark it. It gives you legal protection if someone else tries to copy you. However, the use of trademarks to protect basic words led to disputes south of the border and may soon cause problems in Canada. Romance novelist Jamila Jasper recently found herself at the centre of a trademark controversy. After relea [...]

25 May 2018

Health Canada's drastic food-labelling rules throw a wrench into NAFTA negotiations

In 2011, Canada and the U.S. launched the Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC), a forum to bring together stakeholders and regulators from both sides of the border to eliminate wasteful regulatory differences between the two countries. Political and business leaders supported the RCC because they believed that removing unnecessary and duplicative barriers to trade would spur economic com [...]

25 May 2018

Canada must escape the corporate welfare trap

We need to scrap corporate welfare in order to restore Canada’s business tax advantage over the U.S. It’s been more than two months since federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau said he would study Canada’s crumbling business tax advantage – while cautioning against any “impulsive” measures in response to tax changes south of the border that overnight wiped away a decade-plus busine [...]

25 May 2018