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            本大众号现已推出史上最全的CATTI英语三级笔译实务真题及答案收拾(2003-2018) 。跟着考试时刻的接近,现连续共享CATTI三级英语笔译归纳才能练习材料,供英语学习者学习。一切材料均来自网络,侵权即删。














            Questions 1-10 are based on the following passage.

            Losing a job, or not being able to find one, almost always brings unwelcome changes. If youve lost a job, the first feeling is often one of shock. On top of the loss of income, many people find the whole routine of their life is shattered, their contact with other people reduced, their ambitions halted and their identity as a worker removed.

            There may be good feelings too - its nice to be able to lie in bed in the morning, to spend more time with the children, or have more time to think - a better job may be just around the corner. But, unless a better job does turn up, the chances are the days start getting longer and time becomes harder to fill. Many people pass through periods of difficulty in sleeping and eating. They feel irritable and depressed, often isolated and lonely.

            Despite all these problems though, unemployment can be a chance for a fresh start. You can discover that it provides an opportunity to sort out or rethink what you want from life and how best you can get it. You can use the time to plan how to find a new job, learn a new skill, develop your hobbies or see if you can run your own business, do some voluntary work in your community or meet new people. Its up to you.


            1.Unemployment almost always brings changes that are ______.

            A. unpleasant    B. unsuitable    C. untenable   D. unworthy

            2.According to the passage, when a person has first lost a job, more often than not, he feels ______.

            A. excited   B. isolated   C. shocked   D. depressed

            3.According to the passage, possible good feelings include the following EXCEPT being able to ______.

            A. have more time to think   B. have a new and better joCATTI三级英语笔译归纳才能练习-高分打破(阅览了解1)b

            C. have more time to visit friends   D. spend more time with children

            4.According to this passage, unemployment may ______.

            A. cause people to lose touch with reality B. completely destroy peoples life pattern

            C. lessen interaction with people D. reduce peoples chances of promotion

            5.The unemployed become finally disillusioned when they ______.

            A. have nothing more to think about B. are unable to improve their position

            C. get tired of playing with their children D. can no longer lie in bed in the morning

            6.According to the passage, continuing unemployment many cause ______.

            A. absence humor B. lack of interest C. waste of time D. loss of appetite

            7.By a chance for a fresh start the author means ______.

            A. one should learn to seize chances B. one should often change his jobs

            C. unemployment can be of benefit D. unemployment does not last long

            8.Unemployment provides a chance for you to rethink ______.

            A. what you find and how to keep it B. what you want and how to get it

            C. how best you can do the new job D. how best you can sort out a new job

            9.The sentence Its up to you. means you are the person who ______.

            A. make the decision B. is responsible C. has the right D. is confident

            10.The authors purpose is to ______.

            A. give the basic facts of unemployment B. explain the reasons of unemployment

            C. introduce new jobs to the unemployed D. offer encouragement to the unemployed


            Questions 11-20 are based on the following passage.

            Some people associate migration mainly with birds. Birds do travel vast distances, but mammals also migrate. An example is the caribou, reindeer that graze on the grassy slopes of northern Canada. When the weather turns cold, they travel south until spring. Their tracks are so well-worn that they are clearly visible from the air. Another migrating mammal is the Alaska fur seal. These seals breed only in the Pribilot Islands in the Bering Sea. The young are born in June and by September are strong enough to go with their mothers on a journey of over 3,000 miles. Together they swim down the Pacific Coast of North America. The females and young travel as far as southern California. The males do not journey so far. They swim only to the Gulf of Alaska. In the spring, males and females all return to the islands, and there the cycle begins again. Whales are among the greatest migrators of all. The humpback and blue whales migrate thousands of miles each year from the polar seas to the tropics. Whales eat huge quantities of plankton. These are most abundant in cold polar waters. In winter, the whales move to warm waters to breed and give birth to their young.


            11.From the passage we can learn that ______.

            A. people migrate like animals

            B. only birds migrate

            C. the female fur seals migrate only to the Gulf of Alaska

            D. not all mammals migrate

            12.The phrase "An example" underlined in Paragraph 1 refers to an example of a ______.

            A. migratory mammal B. place where animals migrate

            C. migrating bird D. person who associates migration with birds

            13.All the mammals are mentioned as migrating ones EXCEPT ______.

            A. caribou  B. fin whale  C. reindeer  D. Alaska fur seal

            14. Where can you see from the air the migration of the mammals?

            A. In the Pribilot Islands.   B. In the Bering Sea.

            C. In southern California.   D. In northern Canada.

            15. Which of the following is NOT true?

            A. Whales breed in winter.

            B. Young whales are given birth in cold waters.

            C. Alaska fur seals give birth to the young only in one area.

            D. Alaska fur seals are born in warm weather.

            16. Together ______ of Alaska fur seals swim down the Pacific Coast of North America.

            A. mothers and the young   B. fathers and the young

            C. parents and the young   D. seals and whales

            17. Which of the following is NOT described in the passage?

            A. Whales migrate to breed and give birth to their young.

            B. WhalCATTI三级英语笔译归纳才能练习-高分打破(阅览了解1)e-watching in Boston in summer is attracting.

            C. Seals breed in the north before migration.

            D. Reindeer feed on grass.

            18. Whales live on ______.

            A. tiny plants and animals in the sea B. the grassy slopes of northern Canada

            C. their young in cold winter D. the abundant seafood in tropic waters

            19. How many kinds of migrating mammals are mentioned in the passage?

            A. Four.   B. Three.   C. Two.   D. One.

            20. What is the best title of the passage?

            A. Three Types of Whales   B. Birds Migration

            C. Mammals Also Migrate   D. Several Kinds of Migration


            Questions 21-30 are based on the following passage.

            Electronic mail has become anCATTI三级英语笔译归纳才能练习-高分打破(阅览了解1) extremely important and popular means of communication.

            The convenience and efficiency of electronic mail are threatened by the extremely rapid growth in the volume of unsolicited commercial electronic mail. Unsolicited commercial electronic mail is currently estimated to account for over half of all electronic mall traffic, up from an estimated 7 percent in 2001, and the volume continues to rise. Most of these messages are fraudulent or deceptive in one or more respects.

            The receipt of unsolicited commercial electronic mail may result in costs to recipients who cannot refuse to accept such mail and who incur costs for the storage of such mail, or for the time spent accessing, reviewing, and discarding such mail, or for both. The receipt of a large number of unwanted messages also decreases the convenience of electronic mall and creates a risk that wanted electronic mail messages, both commercial and noncommercial, will be lost, overlooked, or discarded amidst the larger volume of unwanted messages, thus reducing the reliability and usefulness of electronic mail to the recipient. Some commercial electronic mail contains material that many recipients may consider vulgar or pornographic in nature.

            The growth in unsolicited commercial electronic mail imposes significant monetary costs on providers of Internet access services, businesses, and educational and nonprofit institutions that carry and receive such mail, as there is a finite volume of mail that such providers, businesses, and institutions can handle without further investment in infrastructure. Many senders of unsolicited commercial electronic mail purposefully disguise the source of such mall.

            Many senders of unsolicited commercial electronic mall purposefully include misleading information in the messages' subject lines in order to induce the recipients to view the messages. While some senders of commercial electronic mail messages provide simple and reliable ways for recipients to reject (or 'opt-out' of) receipt of commercial electronic mall from such senders in the future, other senders provide no such 'opt-out' mechanism, or refuse to honor the requests of recipients not to receive electronic mail from such senders in the future, or both.

            Many senders of bulk unsolicited commercial electronic mail use computer programs to gather large numbers of electronic mail addresses on an automated basis from Internet websites or online services where users must post their addresses in order to make full use of the website or service.

            The problems associated with the rapid growth and abuse of unsolicited commercial electronic mall cannot be solved by the government alone. The development and adoption of techno-logical approaches and the pursuit of cooperative efforts with other countries will be necessary as well.


            21.According to the passage, efficiency of e-mail is threatened by ______.

            A. heavy e-mail traffic   B. fraudulent e-mail messages

            C. large volume of messages   D. increasing amount of unwanted e-mail

            22. Which of the following is NOT true about unwanted e-mail?

            A. It costs money to receive them. B. It's free to store them.

            C. It takes time to access them. D. It takes time to throw them away.

            23. Unwanted e-mail may ______.

            A. cause companies to fail in business B. cause wanted e-mail messages to lose

            C. damage the credit of a company D. do good to a small company

            24. "Pornographic" in Paragraph 3 probably means ______.

            A. decent   B. instructional   C. sexual   D. commercial

            25. What does unwanted e-mail messages do to the providers of the Internet services?

            A. Raising their cost.   B. Raising the Internet speed.

            C. Improving their business.   D. Attracting investment.

            26. "Disguise" in Paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to ______.

            A. reveal   B. hide   C. deliver   D. post

            27. The word "induce" in PaCATTI三级英语笔译归纳才能练习-高分打破(阅览了解1)ragraph 5 is closest in meaning to ______.

            A. cheat   B. introduce   C. provide   D. harm

            28. "Opt-out" mechanism is probably ______.

            A. a machine that can be attached to your computer

            B. a button that you can make a choice to read or not to read

            C. a software that you can play a computer game

            D. an e-mail that says some good words to you

            39. It can be inferred from Paragraph 6 that bulk unsolicited commercial e-mail will probably spread ______

            A. harmful virus B. unpleasant news C. advertisements D. adult jokes

            30. The unwanted e-mail problem can be solved if ______.

            A. the government takes action

            B. a new technology is adopted

            C. more people are aware of the problem

            D. joint efforts are made and new technology is used


            1-5 ACCBB   6-10 BCBAD

            11-15 DABDB   16-20 CBABC

            21-25 DBBCA   26-30 BABCD

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